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iMunchies (Popcorn, Candy, Nuts) app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 744 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Family
Developer: Hottrix
2.99 USD
Current version: 3.55, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Sep 2008
App size: 7.76 Mb

From Hottrix, infamous creators of iBeer, comes the answer to snack attacks. Make and eat popcorn on your iPod touch! Now with FREE candy and nuts.

This is the amazing magic trick the New York Times voted "favorite app".

Your iPhone becomes a popcorn machine.
Reach right into the screen (your fingers appear INSIDE the phone!), pull out a kernel, and start snacking. Half magic trick, half visual-gag iMunchies is the life of the party.
Sneak this one into the movies and save tons!

Snacks AND your fingers appear inside any application or photo on your iPhone. Its too much fun!

Youve seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Get it today and stop counting calories forever.
Watch the amazing video demo on

FREE Popcorn
FREE Candy

Astonishing realism
Fully interactive
Motion control snacks
Through-screen action
Editable effects
Skin-tone syncing
Scene selector: Snacks can appear inside just about any application or photo you took

ADD-ONS (available separately from within iMunchies)
GummiBears, Gum, Bonbons available at package deal price
Coins: Turn iMunchies into an amazing Magic Wallet with our discount CoinPack available extra.

Detailed instructions included
24/7 support
Full warranty
Video tutorials on

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iBeerKeg (iBeers big brother on steroids)
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iMilk (Sober iBeer. Even shakes whipped cream)
HottrixPhone (Obama calls your iPhone, or Elvis, or Mum)
iBug (Cute or gross. Feed, tickle, and make it fat)
Magic Wallet (iPhone turns into ATM. Amazing trick)

Pros and cons of iMunchies (Popcorn, Candy, Nuts) app for iPhone and iPad

iMunchies (Popcorn, Candy, Nuts) app good for

Great mai c esr dommage ke lon doiv payer pour les gummy bears etc.! Great but its too bad we need to pay to get the gummy bear and all features!
I love this app but it doesnt match my skin colour I try to set it to the lightest one and its still too dark. Please fix
The app is pretty good but i cant belive i payed another 99cents for gummybears that sound like pop corn popping! D: plz fix. and also why do we have to pay so much for the coins were only going to use one kind
I thought it would sense your finger somehow. I dont think I should be 3$. It kinda disappointed me.
This app was very amusing to show to friends and trick them that I was actually pulling food or candy out of it then finally telling them it was a magic trick, but can you consider adding a little bit more food and candies like Halloween, winter or Easter themed treats please
Try taking a picture of your home screen and then using it as a background

Some bad moments

This app is completely different from what you see in the picture and videos. Bring back the original design!! The fake finger looks so stupid and moves unrealistic. The popcorn looks so fake and 2D and the sound.... Oh god the sound is atrocious! 2.99! Are you kidding? God!
This app will entertain for a few minutes and thats it, plus there are never any updates, no Retina display, nothing new, DONT BUY!
In the pictures of popcorn u show look so much better than the ones in the app. Im guessing that was the old version. But plz make better quality. Plus, we already paid for this app, so we should get all of the food.
Horrible app!! Sound is gay, finger look fake, doesnt move freely enough to look real!! 3.00 is a fuc*ing criminal act for this app!!!
should be a free app, and even when you pay $3 you still have to buy most of the candy! and it doesnt tell you how much its charging you for these add ons. what did I pay for if I cant get most of the stuff without paying more?!
The worst app that I have ever bought! It doesnt even DESERVE one star!

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